the resilient MOTTO:

do great work. make an impact.

Protecting your home starts and ends with quality craftsmanship. Our team of licensed and bonded roofing experts have been in business for 3 decades, serving San Diego homeowners with quality roof replacements, installation and repair.

But it doesn’t end there. We’re in business to give back to the communities who need it most. For every 100 roofs we replace, we fund the complete build of a new home for a family in need. Ask us about our World Housing Partnership during your next consultation.

There are two ways to provide hope and help those in need. One way is to give your time and use your skill to try to make a difference. A better way is to do what you do best in your own business and take a little of the profit you make from that success and give it to those that have the expertise and capabilities to help many. We found this with World Housing and New Story Charities and we are excited to partner with them to transform lives.
— Seth Larson, President